Adrian Erlandsson

Marital status
Happily Married
What instruments did you use making the new album?
Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Evans Drumheads, Roland Electronics
Favourite PL Video?
The Rise of Denial
Favourite Non-PL Video?
Nemhain - Second skin
Favourite PL album artwork?
Favourite Non-PL album artwork?
Don't break the oath, Mercyful Fate
Current favourite album?
Sisters of Mercy - First, Last and Always
Earliest childhood memory?
Getting my ass slapped.
First band you saw, and where?
Marillion, Gothenburg Sweden
First Drums?
Maxtone, Amber colour, five piece kit with a bunny on the front skin.
Favourite subject at school?
Maiden or Metallica?
Iron Maiden any day!
Denim or Leather?
Leather above Denim below.
Favourite colour?
Favourite joke?
I went for a burger and it was £8.95, thought that was pretty expensive for a sheep burger :) (Works better in Swinglish accent.)
Favourite authors / books?
Henry Rollins / Now watch a grown man cry.
Do you snore?
When i sleep on my back.
Have you ever sleepwalked?
Do you vote?
Favourite chocolate bar?
I would have Mc'coys Flame Grilled Steak crisps over chocolate anyday.
Do you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?
My wife is a natural redhead but dyes it black so i get both.