Nick Holmes

Marital status
What instruments did you use making the new album?
A korg USB keyboard and a battered SM58 Microphone
Favourite PL Video?
Forever failure
Favourite Non-PL Video?
aphex twin - windowlicker
Favourite PL album artwork?
Shades of God
Favourite Non-PL album artwork?
Anything by 4AD
Current favourite album?
Rush - Snakes and Arrows
Earliest childhood memory?
Burying our dead dog in the garden
First band you saw, and where?
Metallica - Bradford St Georges Hall 1986, I didnt see you there...
First Guitar / Bass?
A "marlin" guitar , which I painted pillar box red
Favourite subject at school?
Maiden or Metallica?
Denim or Leather?
Depends on the weather
Favourite colour?
Bluey Black
Favourite joke?
Favourite authors / books?
Bill Bryson and other airport favorites
Do you snore?
Only when Im drunk
Have you ever sleepwalked?
Do you vote?
Favourite chocolate bar?
Dairy Milk
Do you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?