Jeffo’s Blog – 18th Sep 2007 [ARCHIVE]

September 18, 2007 10:00 am

Well, here we are nearly one week into the tour. No one has been arrested, sent home or hospitalised but there is time! So, who is on this tour? Aside from the band there is Gary the driver, Little Rob our sound guy and tour manager who is a fellow Mancunian thus breaking the misery of our dour Yorkshire chums. Milly and Danny who are teching, Paul the Dutchman doing lights and Mel on merch. Paul has an uncanny look of our own Mr Holmes and keeps getting stopped for autographs while his bizarre nasal laugh which resembles the sound of a train has earned him the monicker of The Flying Dutchman. Mel, bless her, is on her first tour but is holding up well.

Band wise we have German band Eyes Of Eden and Canada’s Neurosonic who have just come off the Family values tour in America with Korn and Evanessence. Both bands are sharing a bus which had to be changed last night after it emerged that a mouse had sneaked on board and was evading capture whilst eating everyones food and leaving droppings in everyones bunks…nice!

So far so good in terms of the tour. Everyone is quite chilled, crowds have been good and noticably more vocal and we have nailed a setlist we feel happy with and have moulded it over the first few nights.

The Biebob in Vosselaar is familiar to us all and was a good place to start, Paris was fantastic and packed out. It was a top day. Great weather and nipped over to take some photos of the Sacre Couer. We then nipped down to Lyon and Toulouse where we did a signing session at FNAC and then headed on down to Barcelona.

We had a late load in so we all headed for the beach which is ten minutes from the gig to grab some coffee and lunch then got on to the beach. Some of us stayed in the bar whilst Milly and Aaron donned the Hasselhofs and went in the sea. Always great to do these things when the chance arises to stave off cabin fever.

And here we are, Monday in a small club in Madrid. Rob has already been climbing lamposts to get the bus plugged in risking death. I’m not suggesting he is small but him climbing a lampost is like Aaron climbing the Eiffel Tower! He said he probably wouldn’t have done it if he’d been sober. We have another signing session at 5pm somewhere in Madrid. I wonder if Ruud Van Nistelrooy will be down here tonight?

Points to note. Paradise Lost’s dressing room is now known as Paradise Lost’s Internet Cafe due to the amount of laptops on the go…god bless wireless internet and Holmesey is on a suprisingly low 3.5 on the Moanometer….apparently I’m on a 4.5…BYE!!!

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