Jeffo’s Blog – 3rd Oct 2007 [ARCHIVE]

October 3, 2007 10:00 am

Welcome to my third blog. It is funny how many people are mentioning the fact that they are reading these blogs and enjoying them, so off we go with some more Moments of Metal Mayhem.

General mood, mid tour blues have set in a bit. Everyone is missing their families and can be a little grouchy although thanks to wireless internet and Skype everyone is finding it easy to call home. My two and a half year old, Charlie, normally says something like, ” I’m Spiderman….bye!” or, ” Is it nice in Denmark?….bye!” or just , “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” when he is asked if he wants to talk to me.

So, what about the gigs. God bless Solothun where everyone seemed completely leathered, in the audience that is. But the venue gave me a whole crate of Strongbow. God bless apples! A little bit of England on our bus and down mine and Milly’s necks!

Now Milan turned out to be my smug perfect day on tour. The sun was shining, not that we see much of it. Great catering, a 20 min web cam chat with the wife and bin lids. United streamed live on the internet from the dressing room on my laptop and an absolutely awesome gig. There was an incredible amount of bootleg merch for sale outside. Didn’t want to get involved and say anything to them because no doubt they are linked to the Mafia and there certainly isn’t room in my bunk for me, my Ipod and a freshly severed horse head! Thanks must go out to those who travelled from far and wide.

We headed back into Switzerland and then out to Austria which was another gig I really enjoyed. The audience were exceptional, fanatical and loud. They must have chanted for 15 mins after the show. No one seemed to want to go home. Just as the noise was starting to die down Paul, our lighting guy (or Goldmember as we call him), walked across the stage. He has a look of Mr Holmes and the crowd were off again thinking that we were going to play again even though the drums were on their way to the bus trailer. Paul has probably been asked to sign more autographs than Mr Holmes on this tour too. Quick impression of Paul (who has a Dutch accent). ” I youshed to leev een an owld shinema. My bedshroom had three hunshdred and tshwenty sheats and tshwenty toiletsch!”

We had a rain soaked day off in Munich. Milly, Danny and I headed off into town for a look around, a couple of beers at the local Irish boozer and a nice thai meal. Next day at the Munich show I managed to slice my finger with a bread knife which caused three or four days of pain whilst playing, it just wouldn’t stop bleeding. What a prat!!

Leipzig was kind of miserable, more rain and a crew with a terrible attitude. The load in was precarious and wet. When it was mentioned that there was a much easier load in elsewhere our crew were told you are just Paradise Lost, not Michael Jackson…..give that guy a GCSE! 10 out of 10 for perception. Later that night Danny and his unfeasibly floppy fringe fell down the stairs and he sprained his ankle. Thanks Leipzig’s crew. As Michael Jackson would say…you were bad, bad, really really bad.

Now, in direct contrast Cologne was like a home coming. As Paul would say…” I LAAARRRVE thish venyoo!” Bacon and eggs for breakfast (GET IN), remember shower, food and internet drastically reduces the defcon levels on the PL moanometer! A packed out gig which was really hot on stage and a load of my mates turned up for the gig. Thanks for the crate of Apfelwine Chris. Gives me something to do on those cold winter evenings.

Rob and I went for a walk first thing on Sunday morning in Berlin and witnessed an Audi take out a motorcyclist at a crossroads. We felt totally helpless. No medical skills, no knowledge of numbers to ring and only a pigeon knowledge of German. Not nice. They guy wasn’t dead but was in alot of pain and was bleeding heavily from his leg. Nice start to the day I don’t think.

We did a photo shoot in the afternoon for a charity book that is being done which contains 3D photos. U2 are in it and now we are too. Not quite as good. Photos looked great and always nice to be asked. Did the shoot over the road from the gig at the famous Tempelhof Airport. Special thanks to Aaron for kicking me really hard in the shins as he tried to kick away some glass. He says it was an accident but I don’t believe him as he took a run up! Packed gig, enjoyed it and er…amazing food. God bless meat!

And finally on into Scandinavia which is soooooo expensive! Had a lucky escape on the way into Copenhagen. I was sat with our driver Gary having a cup of tea in the morning whilst everyone else was in bed. A lorry pulled out on us in roadworks on the motorway and somehow Gary managed to avert disaster. Luckily he had been doing under the speed limit so only clipped the lorry. Any faster and it could have been a different story. We wouldn’t have stood a chance. The guy in the lorry waited, waited and waited then suddenly pulled out last minute. What a gimp! He didn’t wait around to receive the Manc banjoing he deserved. We lost all our crockery, glasses etc but we rescued the tea bags so all was forgiven. Nice sight to see Aaron out in his boxer shorts vacuuming the stairs. Greg said he was forced down his bunk into a foetal position but just went back to sleep. God bless wine!

Sorry to Milly for last night in Oslo where a rack bar fell on his head and cut him. Bit of blood and an egg in the nest……ahem!

So, here I sit on the bus in Stockholm. Time to put a cap on these warblings. Glad you are enjoying these blogs.

Keep rocking….er….bye!

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