Icon 30

30th anniversary re-recording of Paradise Lost’s fourth studio album “Icon”.

Icon 30 cover artwork
1. Embers fire 4:53 Lyrics
2. Remembrance 3:28 Lyrics
3. Forging sympathy 4:41 Lyrics
4. Joys of the emptiness 3:29 Lyrics
5. Dying freedom 3:43 Lyrics
6. Widow 3:07 Lyrics
7. Colossal rains 4:31 Lyrics
8. Weeping words 3:51 Lyrics
9. Poison 3:04 Lyrics
10. True belief 4:32 Lyrics
11. Shallow seasons 4:54 Lyrics
12. Christendom 4:33 Lyrics
13. Deus misereatur 1:53 Instrumental

Embers fire

A fallen time that’s bygone
A crude elite that’s from a distant zone
You’ll turn a blind eye on what’s brave
You don’t know if it’s the truth you told

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the sense incandescent ones

Hold back desire for danger
A bet you’ll lose you’ll have no way to turn
I see the man who lives and breathes corruption
Into a circle that you call your own

Don’t run away, from the pain, a claim that you deal with
A power game, from within, impossible for you to see this

Laid down the laws of deceit
The ones who cherish are the ones who’ll go
Into the ashes of a tortured world
Only in mind’s eye can you see a light

Harmony breaks, dark awakes, in old eyes – The trouble feel it
Here to stay, mark the way, improvise the judgement hearing

Anger looks on the quiet dreaming
Seals the sense incandescent ones

All remains of the glowing embers
Is a bleak cold irrelevance

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I am the one, to which you’ll go
You are the one, from which I’ll run…

Fading to grey, the wanton pray

You’ll find shelter, I’ll find none
I’ll leave your pointless life undone

Breaking your days, my anguish stays

Fate, fate of my laughter, the loss of your sight
Hate, hating the vicious lies, I will revel insane

I see your face, I’ve seen your face
I turn and run, you’ll have no place

Time, time is the father, in my corrupt mind
Pain, echoes in a silent sky…
Remember life now?

Do you remember life now?

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Forging sympathy

A mass of breathing souls
For times are desolate
Passing judgement on my sentence
As I perceive my dying day

Give me a promise
The word I will never hear
Sympathies forging, stalling in me

I’m closing all the doors
While my frown remains
Until I reach my golden haven
I’ll let the sadness pass my way

Preaching the words of angels, to a darker side of man

My halo’s fading with all the sin I deal
Have I been banished, a forgery

Sear, the tender feeling as my solar glow dies
And I’m waiting for my sweet Hell
You’ll wait for your Hell, I wish you Hell

In time the hate corrodes
Our brains are desolate
And this prison which we serve in
Will be a witness to our pains

Preaching the words of angels, to a darker side of man

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Joys of the emptiness

Breathing here, and the air is clear
Changes of which I could forsee

Violence caressing, impending distress
As my body lay sleeping, eternally bleeding, and…

Shallow despair, broken years cannot repair
Summoned here, and all must see the hypocrisy
Peel back the face, the sorry mind, a vacant space
Born deprived, the moods expired in reality

A fantasy based on harmony
A victim released accordingly

Scatter the ashes, remains of life’s passages
Mocking and meaningless, joys of the empty, and…

Mighty and proud, reaching up to touch the shroud
Tangled here, and far beyond from atrocity
Frozen and cold, bleak the memories of old
Times capsize the born desires for technology

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Dying freedom

As a withered hand grips tight through fear
The cold caressing rains
The reaping arms of silence, evolve for us to see

Overruled by a lack of patience, it’s untold
That’s the secret that has made us

Constructive powers flow desire
The last intense degree
Scratching at the surface, for all of us to…

Gather round, the secrets that you know
And the speech that makes blood flow
Blame desire, you’ll blame revenge

Standing at the solemn shores
Where blessed fools are born
Happiness is wasted, wasted blood and tears

Re-abuse infiltration, it’s untold
Raping life from other nations

The ritual explosive fires
Rewarding enemies
Shells of empty faces here, crying to be free

Gather round, the secrets that you know
And the speech that makes blood flow
Blame desire, you’ll blame revenge

Dying free, the spirits gather round
While the soul lays underground
Will the voices call again?

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You’re breaking a chain
Lying until you can erase the past
Born with a look of deceit
Praying that all the bitter guilt’s defeated

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, unwilling to accept, decline
You’ll turn a blind eye

Bought by a sickening man
The weakened gather just as fast as they can
‘Whore’ is what the people roar
From fear of rejection you’ll come back for more
Strong, don’t see that love has ceased
In the end, only death can release

Stand on your own, killed from behind
Fools are blind, you’re on a lonely road

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Colossal rains

Into a depth of haze, I’ll see you dead
The colossal rains flow like the breeze

A sheltered scenery as the arms outstretch for me

You’ll never walk again
(In a sorry sea of pale sound uplifting
Here, dark waters flow free through
The archways of silent dreams)

Brought back from centuries, creations seen
The colossal rains, the mortal spirits drained

Can this be real, what the frozen rains reveal

You’ll never walk again
(Hear cries, way of reach and shallow
The silver breathes, the sun wakes the
Sleeping heat and drowns in a mass disease)

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Weeping words

Fear this more (the more) than the hands of man’s (disgrace)
It crushes forth (resenting) conquest it’s plan

Don’t look back, will I ever see your face again?

The domination (is in all) imagination (space)
Caress endlessly (until we) inflame the soul…

Failing to return what’s borrowed, devoting rights to me
I see a Summer of Winters merging gracefully

Don’t look back, will we ever see your face again?
Don’t look back, will I hear the weeping words again?

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Come taste a century of hatred
Free from the sanity of them

Is there something, that you see in all of them
Non-believer, a time will come, but when?

All you worship in life destroyed by human hands
Spare the trouble you feel, save a breath for your next

Spit on the laws that I made for you
Betray the treasures within hearts

Is there something in death that you think reflects your life?
Come taste the loss that I feel, challenge paradise

All you worship in life destroyed by human hands
Save the trouble you feel, a treasure with no price

It’s disturbing, the joy I feel, but I feel it more

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True belief

Wretched will, host of pleasure surreal
Closed the room where the last is buried
Rise or fall at your master’s request
You’re unable to accept redemption

I don’t know about a true belief here
With the lost it’s the same as always

All I want is the same
All I want is a true belief

You can’t wait to become a memory
With the weak it’s the same as always
Stand confused lack of comprehension
Re-aroused by a thought of madness

And I know that the truth is always right
But it’s time to search for lies
You’re the one I try to save
But the blood spills from your veins

All I want is the same
All I want is a true belief

Call counting time ’til the end
Death’s wicked smile never fails
The curse is cast and you’ve lost the past forever more
A candle burns here no more

I don’t know about a century of life
When the love of generations die
I can see no good in taking your own life
When any moment death calls

All I want is the same
To be part of the game
All I want is a true belief

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Shallow seasons

The sullen man before me turns a head and demonstrates
The power of a weak mind can’t conceal or captivate

It’s lost in a bleak scope of fragmented ways
Eternal non-events occur throughout its poor days
You’re lost forever, unable to see yourself
The thoughts arising, there’s no disguising
Where you’ve been…

Reveal to me, your mind’s identity

You’ll pay, pay for the feelings that you feed me
Don’t hold on to what you call a life

Anger compels a force of weakness or fear
I’ll promise no forgiveness for the rest of my years
A negative release, subliminal urge
Unwise declining, grey thoughts reviving all the way

Your fallen prey, a loser pays

You’ll pay, pay for the feelings that you feed me
Don’t hold on to what you call a life

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Innocence, beneath this sorry veil I see you have
Plentitude, the sweetness of a new born child
It’s lost deserted reverence

For my life and the stars creation
For my life it’s the same rejection
Lost in life, I’ll blame it all on you

Loss of hope, failing situation
Readapt, death is life’s temptation
Dying slow, I’ll blame it all on you

Resurrect, the harsh tones of our self contempt recall
Fail to breathe, in sight no normal state of mind
In time the hour will fail to chime

They betray, uphold the law, accuse the future

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Deus misereatur


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