Lost Paradise

Paradise Lost’s first studio album, released on Vile Music / Peaceville Records in 1990.

Lost Paradise cover artwork
1. Intro 2:42 Instrumental
2. Deadly inner sense 4:36 Lyrics
3. Paradise lost 5:29 Lyrics
4. Our saviour 5:07 Lyrics
5. Rotting misery 5:16 Lyrics
6. Breeding fear 4:14 Lyrics
7. Frozen illusion 5:21 Lyrics
8. Lost paradise 2:08 Instrumental
9. Internal torment II 5:53 Lyrics

In Dub

Paradise Lost’s first single release. Released on Vile Music / Peaceville Records in 1990. This single is only available on Vinyl.

In Dub cover artwork
1. Rotting misery (Doom dub) 5:16 Lyrics
2. Breeding fear (Demolition dub) 4:14 Lyrics



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Deadly inner sense

A Sea of twisted shapes
Seek salvage from this carnage
Frustration deep inside
Writhe in utmost rage
A tortuous embrace is embedded in their minds
As hands from above grasp
Emptiness they find

Paralysed from neck down
Life fluid drains
Pressures increase on flesh
Excruciating pain…

These mindless thoughtless fools
Corrupted in mind
Crying out for the death
Innocence they find…
The Silence looms before us
Free of trouble and strife
While bodies pile in hundreds
Free from the gift of Life

Drown in Misery
Deadly Inner Sense
This place of doom
A sacred shrine
Eternal Punishment for all time

The deadly inner sense…

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Paradise lost

Claws of death grip my life
Empty my mind and my
Knowledge is deceased
Mindless and dumb instinct gone

Running in Circles
Not knowing where my fate lies…

Blinding running through the eternal maze
Surrounded by people the same
Not knowing this place as the darkness falls above
Will we ever see the sun deteriorate away?

Feelings disappear
Your eyes stare blank
Another world to greet
Life now ends…

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Our saviour

Kneel on the ground and pray to the Lord
But will he hear your prayers
Will he hear your call?
As you sit in the Church
And the madman speaks
Listen with awe at the lies he’ll preach

Only the mindless will listen and obey
World-wide Wars are caused by this uproar

Pray to rest your Conscience – For the sins you have done
Where is your God now as you’re dying alone?
Brutal wounds cut deep
No miracles to heal
Watch your life now fade
He’s not there to help you die

Raised upon repulsive lies
From the time we were born
Driven into heads holy laws
Cast into a circle of preaching vomit
All decent holy people
Their conscience free
Massive neurosis and impending doom
And the holy power will be silent

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Rotting misery

Unleashed upon man
Their poisoning brains
An empty grasp – A threat to all those sane

The daggers poised
For shallow minds
Unheard laughs
Disrupting all mankind…

This rotting misery

The beggars are all gathered
No others rule supreme
Rotting misery

Clouded realities
Brought before us
Their pointless lives
As all their faith is lost

Morbid existence
Of these poor souls
Now must die to exist no more

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Breeding fear

Staring down into the depths
Subconcious has taken my life
Breathing this foul and dank air
Eyes cannot penetrate the light
No room to panic or move
I pray my death will come soon

My sorrows breeding on my fear

The tombs of one thousand lie near
Soon to diminish am I?
Lying there, minutes from my death
The nausea breeds on my fear
Calling to the victims of fate
The dead cannot answer my calls

My body falls to the depths
As darkness has engraved my mind
No visions or solution
Gagged for air deeper below I sink…

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Frozen illusion

I lay in the darkest room
The door is locked at chains I grasp…
The chill runs through my bones
I panic in grief
Oh please help me die…

The walls close in on my existance

Unreal illusions re-appear
Darkness increases still
Frozen Illusion

I lay in the darkest room
As images appear once more
The chill runs through my bones
My body is stiff as my soul departs the Earth

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Lost paradise


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Internal torment II

As you stare into the depths of darkness
Illusions of your mind pressured by horror
Standing on a plain of desolation
The streams of frozen mist are shattered by the Sun
Travel through the uncaring skies
Prepare for this defeat
Once you’re dead your eyes are shut forever
Is it just the darkness that greets our pleas?

Trapped in my skull sanity’s locked inside
Can’t express my feelings the pain I must hide
My body possessed by and unseen force
Crippled for life
As I try to speak my voice
No physical pain you will feel
Is this mental insanity real?

No future an obscenity
Why was I chosen to suffer?
Hoping I wake up and the curse has left my soul

Attempts at speech are drowned in laughter
I writhe and grit my teeth in anger… why?
Not allowed to make decisions
If only I could tell them all
I can think

In my afterlife I’ll rise again
Destroy all the ones who laughed
Kill them all…
Able to think, flex my limbs, talk and socialise, live my life…

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