Paradise Lost’s second studio album, released on Vile Music / Peaceville Records in 1991.

Gothic cover artwork
1. Gothic 4:43 Lyrics
2. Dead emotion 4:33 Lyrics
3. Shattered 3:38 Lyrics
4. Rapture 5:09 Lyrics
5. Eternal 3:46 Lyrics
6. Falling forever 3:27 Lyrics
7. Angel tears 2:36 Instrumental
8. Silent 4:36 Lyrics
9. The painless 3:58 Lyrics
10. Desolate 1:50 Instrumental

Gothic E.P.

Paradise Lost’s fourth single release. Released on Music for Nations in 1994. Features the alternative mixes for ‘Rotting Misery’ and ‘Breeding Fear’ originally from the ‘In Dub’ release, as well as new mixes of ‘Gothic’ and ‘The Painless.

Gothic E.P. cover artwork
1. Gothic (Mix) 4:43 Lyrics
2. Rotting misery (Doom dub) 5:16 Lyrics
3. Breeding fear (Demolition dub) 4:14 Lyrics
4. The painless (Mix) 3:58 Lyrics


Denying our restlessness
Frustrations tension eludes
The past was clean
When thoughts were mild
The present day horrors alive

Slowly passing timeless horrors

Lives within all fear
The mourning in my tears
Drown all the past
We’ve lived beneath these years
Awaiting for the call
For all life to expire
Passive to this day
To infinity we’ll fail

The light is dim before us
Shadows appear and fall
A barrage of savage ways
Only the darkness can filter through…

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Dead emotion

Struggle with emotion
Feel the pain burn deep
Within our nerves
The mourning of lost life
Commands our actions night and day

The foul realism is unleashed
Upon the Earth we’ll bleed

Banish all fond memories
As the Lord beckons us to judgement
Degeneration is close at hand
The morality coil is weaker
The pain is close to heart
Now leave the real world to your God

The kindness of death’s grasp
Relieves us from the pain

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Stare at the dark foreboding walls
I turn and look away
The fear it haunts me
While I sleep

Now as life is torn apart
The walls they lead the way
This tortured journey
Almost at an end

Look at time upon the skies
I turn and look away
The truth it haunts me
Wake me from sleep

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In agony are we now
Twisted unblessed we must strive
Repulsed by the false harmony
Blinded by truth that eyes can’t hope to see

Foolish man must die
For the sins that he creates
Forgive Lord – we must be weak

Remove the weight of Sin
Release harmony
Resist the throes of his embrace
Ignorant laws thrust in our Face

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Why can’t we hear
The time must come for us to leave here
Emotion has withered away
Our burnt out love has decayed

Obsessed to leave the Earth
Tragedy has overrun since birth

Now our righteous fathers weep
As we greet eternal sleep
Are we born to pass away?

Cry at all that remains
“Chosen Words” fail to sustain
The wisdom of powers heard
In dismal thoughts seemingly absurd

Now as hope and glory dies
We’ll scream at our demise
Are we lost forever more?

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Falling forever

Sickened by the feelings within
Laughin at my pain – my pain

Forget the lies, live the reality

Waiting for a chance to indulge
This “Sinful Perversion”
I have grown weak now
God may forgive and save
Our “Precious Souls”
Lift the curse from us

Embrace all distorted thoughts
Indoctrinating sins
In this our Earth the love is lost
As disruption begins

As the soils of the earth
Greet our cries
Falling forever

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Angel Tears


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After all wars
We lie, as shelter falls
The world is but Hell
A place darkened out by time
Submit to the fall

Live in peace for years
Turn back the hands of time

Light shines before
As lives are torn
Morals slow decline
We’ll live in cold fear
Until we lay dead
Silent our pleas
Search for the end

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The painless

Locked inside this peaceful tomb
Entwined on seas of endless bliss

The Painless
Strength is released
The horror passes through our eyes

Diversions cast upon our souls
The meek shall inherit our fears

Stray from this tranquil place
Guarded by all fear
Submit now to this our curse
In our plight for existance
Reach the sky not falling down
Sunlight shines in Heaven
Stray from this tranquil place
Guarded by all fear

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